We Started Our Blog… in San Francisco

We flew from Pittsburgh to San Francisco and decided to stay at the Hotel Monaco www.kimptonhotels.com because they give you goldfish for your room.  The employees were really nice. The lobby is very pretty and has a cool alcove in the back that you can play in. The beds were cushy and comfortable. We love that they had hot chocolate in the morning for us in the lobby alongside the coffee for our mom and dad.

Hotel Monaco rating: Jake gives 4 1/2 gumballs and Ellie gives 5 smiley faces.

Chinatown is a “must visit.” We suggest shopping at Where East Meets West because the employees are nice and they have cool things like wooden swords and Chinese jackets. For the girls, they have inexpensive purses and fans. Jake and Ellie in Chinatown

Chinatown rating: Jake gives 5 gumballs and Ellie gives 4 smiley faces.  Excellent tip: avoid the dead fish markets.

Restaurants: You have to go to Sears Fine Food near Union Square for pancakes. If you have a big appetite, go for the full stack of pancakes. If you don’t have a big appetite, go for the split stack. They give out really neat coins to try your luck in a slot machine that gives meal discounts, but my advice is to keep the coin for a souvenir.  You have got to have the truffle fries at the Fog City Diner… they are delicious.  Both places get great food ratings — 41/2 gumballs and 4 smiley faces.

We had lots of fun at our friends’ Sue and Pete’s house. Sue is a good cook . They cooked flank steak on the grill and Pete picked a white wine I liked to taste. They have a cool dog named Cecil. For travel picks for big people, go to www.petespicks.com.

The Rocket Boat is a must-do, but get prepared to be soaked. The views of San Francisco and Alcatraz are spectacular. Get ready to rock-et and roll. 

Soaked on the Rocket Boat in San Francisco Excellent Tip: bring a towel or a waterproof  jacket with a hood.

Hope you have excellent adventures!





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8 responses to “We Started Our Blog… in San Francisco

  1. Allison C.

    Jake and Ellie — Thanks for this excellent post. I think you’re on to something — please keep up the blog and continue to share your travel adventures with the world. It will be helpful for me as I plan adventures with my son!

  2. Georgia and Piper's Mom

    Jake and Ellie … I agree San Francisco is a wonderful city. What advice do you have if you’re traveling with toddlers — I know you guys are much older. So, did you see any activities that might keep 3-somethings occupied? Tantrum-free?

    Good luck with the Blog!

  3. Cecil (the dog)

    Great post, 5 bones, miss licking your toes!

  4. Hi Jake and Ellie! I am a friend of your mom. Thanks for the great review of SanFran! We have talked a lot about taking our family to that city and now we have really good recommendations on what kids like there — thanks! My son, Grady (he’s 7) wants to know about sports teams in San Francisco and if you saw any sports. My kids are 5, 7, 9 and 12. I think they would love the things you did — and the Goldfish. We wish we could bring Otis, our dog. I bet he would like Cecil. Thanks for the information. Cooper

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