Fun in Napa

The Golden Gate Bridge Is Awesome

The Golden Gate Bridge Is Awesome

We left San Francisco and drove to Napa. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was an excellent experience. My dad likes to stop at every scenic look out and the one going from San Fran to Napa at the Bridge has awesome views. We had fun.

We liked that we had great views of the island of Alcatraz.

After about 1 1/2 hours, we arrived in Napa. The weather was sunny and warm. We were with our mom and dad and some good friends, John, De and Robert. 

The Calistoga Ranch,, is a great place to stay. It is kid-friendly. It has a pool and they sell popcicles at the pool bar. They have hot chocolate in the morning and the kids’s beds are comfy. There are not any grumpy employees. We hiked on two trails that were great. We had a view of a castle. Note: Keep your eyes open for animal poop, small and large, along the trail. Go past where the sign says “trail end” and you will find ginormous pinecones. We brought one home.

Calistoga Ranch ratings: Jake gives 5 gumballs and Ellie 5 smiley faces.Jumping into the pool at the Calistoga Ranch

Make sure you try to get a wine tour at Krupp Brothers Winery We climbed rocks, the wine is tasty and we learned a lot about growing wine grapes. Mr. Nigel was a great host and we even met the owner of the vineyard. Keep your eyes open for giant golden eagles.

Riding on the tram, up and back to the Sterling Vineyards Winery,, is a must-do. The views are spectacular and they give out Capri Sun juices to the kids at the main tasting room.

Napa is a must go to place because there are many fun activities and the weather is great.

Wishing you excellent adventures.



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3 responses to “Fun in Napa

  1. Allison C.

    Hi, Jake and Ellie — What an excellent idea! Please keep up your blog, I plan to use it in my own trip planning, so that I can make sure that my son will have a good time. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Robert Marshall

    Robert’s favorite part of the visit with Jake and Ellie was doing backflips in the pool at Calistoga Ranch — even though my mom didn’t want me to do that.

    My other favorite thing was getting a gold fish in the Hotel Monaco, but I wanted to take him home with me.

    I liked the Rocket Boat in San Francisco.

    Wishing you all awesome adventures — from the San Diego surf dude!

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