Fun in Jamaica

Horse-back riding at Half Moon in Jamaica

Horse-back riding at Half Moon in Jamaica

We headed  to Jamaica earlier this year, when the weather is not so great in Pittsburgh. The hotel we decided to stay at was Half Moon,,  in Rose Hall, just outside of Montego Bay. The employees are really nice and you have your own hut to stay in. They have an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet in the morning. We recommend the freshly-squeezed orange juice, the salami, “flipped” eggs, fresh, toasted bagels and fresh mango.

Excellent tip: just ask and the egg lady will make you whatever kind of eggs you like! We prefer just egg whites.

Activities for kids: You have to go to the stables. Horse-back riding is the way to go. The horses and the staff are really nice, especially Trina. The horse I like to ride is Dragonstout. He is a bit crazy. I recommend riding on the beach, but not going in the water with the horse. Ellie rides a pony by the name of Sweetie Pie. Sweetie Pie is kind to children and gives a gentle ride.

You have to try swimming with the dolphins. It’s a great experience because you get to pet and, if you are lightweight, sit on the dolphins. They feel rubbery and smooth and will kiss and splash you.

We like to canoe with my dad. The canoe is just plain out fun. You get to go out in the ocean, a bit, and ride small waves in. You don’t get too wet, unless you fall out.

Ellie Riding Sweetie Pie

Ellie Riding Sweetie Pie

Entertainment for kids: You have to try the beach BBQ along with the owner’s cocktail hour which are held twice a week. Eveything is free at the owner’s cocktail party and last time I went I drank five glasses of Ting. 

Excellent tip: drink Ting! It’s a grapefruit juice soda and it is amazing. I love Ting.

At the beach BBQ, there is different entertainment and shows. Our favorite is the crab races. You can win lots of money by winning the crab race. I won five dollars!

Ratings: Jake gives Half Moon a 5 gumball rating and Ellie gives it 5 smiley faces.


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