Fun at Fort Ligonier

Fort Ligonier,, located in Ligonier, PA, was built between September, 1758, and March, 1766, during the French and Indian War and Pontiac’s War.

It has an indoor museum with lots of guns and swords and a cool gift shop. When you walk outside you will see a Sentry Hut before you enter the fort’s outer wall.  Then you will see mini cannons that you can pretend to shoot.  There are big cannons too that you can touch. 

You then walk into the inner wall where there are buildings for the soldiers to eat, sleep and get medical help. If you walk straight back, you will see a gun port with lots of cannons.If you look to your right when leaving you see a moat  and to the left is another Sentry Hut but watch out for the bees nest. 

Excellent tip: After visiting the fort you can walk 2 blocks to get some yummy ice cream. 

Fort Ligonier is a must-go-to.Fun at Ft. Ligonier

Ratings: Jake gives Ft. Ligonier 5 gumballs and Ellie gives it 5 smiley faces.

Wishing you excellent adventures!


Fun at Ft. Ligonier


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