Fun at Nemacolin

Paradise Pool at Nemacolin

Paradise Pool at Nemacolin

Nemacolin,,  is a resort spread out over 3,000 acres in the Southwestern part of PA. It is a fun place to visit with lots of activities and cool places to stay. Look for Fat Bird, the mascot. Ellie calls him chick-chick.

My suggestion  is to stay at the Chateau on the fifth floor. Up there you get butler service and there is a free, all you can eat breakfast and snack buffet. The employees are really nice all over the place, especially Jackie and Mark and Brian. They put goodies on our pillows at night.

The cool activities when you go there are the Wild Side where it’s a giant arcade and you can bowl. The new spa for kids, Spa Voyage, is very relaxing, according to my sister, Ellie. My mom and dad like the adult spa. You have to check out the Paradise pool. It has a giant water slide and “biggest splash” contests once or twice a day to win free ice cream. Also check out paint ball and archery. You can hike and play tennis, too.

To eat out, I suggest you go to Autumn or Aqueos. Aqueos is a steak house and Autumn has a good kids’ menu, including fillets and good meat balls. If you decide to eat lunch at the pool, I suggest a double-stacker grilled cheese with fresh fruit. 

Exellent tip: look for the Dino Dig and try to get a seat for dinner in front of the fish tank at the Tavern.

We have gone to Nemacolin in the winter and it’s a great place for kids to learn to ski.

Nemacolin is a must-do.

Ratings: Jake gives Nemacolin 5 gumballs and Ellie gives it 5 smiley faces.



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